Cad-Q invests and establishes a new simulation analysis team with leading experts

Cad-Q is known as a leading supplier of model and drawing-related IT solutions in northern Europe with a focus on Lean engineering and Digital prototyping. In order to support the customers? product optimization process, Cad-Q is investing in the area of simulation analysis by adding capabilities within calculation and visualization.
A new team of simulation experts is being established at Cad-Q. Part of this team comes from the Swedish company EG engineering; now acquired by Cad-Q. These resources will bring us experts of calculation within strength, dynamics, fatigue, fluid flow and heat.
?We have extensive experience in calculation and simulation with FEM and CFD?, says Sven Eriksson from EG engineering. ?We have worked with strength analysis of large machinery and aircraft structures, as well as thermal and flow analyses of electronic equipment and indoor climate. Over the past years we have focused on analysis and simulation with products from Autodesk in a close partnership together with Cad-Q. We are very positive to be part of the Cad-Q team and look forward to help more customers to optimize their products?.
In order to also enhance the competence within visualization in the new team; visualization expert Martin Saldert has been recruited. He has been working in the automotive and visualization area since year 2000, and is joining Cad-Q from a role as customer success engineer at Autodesk.
The new simulation team will expand the LEAN Engineering offering and add an important dimension in how Cad-Q support customers to optimize their products, increase their product quality and cut lead times in our customers? processes.
?We are very excited to announce our new investments within the area of simulation. This is an area where we put a great focus because we see such an opportunity to make a big impact for our customers by adding these capabilities to our team. Our existing competences combined with the experts from EG engineering and Martin Saldert will form a cutting edge team. I really look forward to see the results of what the new team will achieve together with our customers,? says Jens Kollserud, Director of Sales & Services, Cad-Q Group.

About Cad-Q Group
Cad-Q Group is the leading supplier of model and drawing-related IT and work with the implementation of software, training and support of CAD systems for the construction, real estate and industrial sectors. Cad-Q Group was founded in 1989 and has approximately 270 employees in 20 offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and UK. Cad-Q is part of Addnode Group, which is listed on the OMX Nordic List, Small Cap. More information:

About simulation
Simulation is a way to model reality in a virtual environment, with the CAD-model at the center. Using a digital prototype, unlimited sensors can be placed anywhere in the model to examine and visualize performance. The aim is for the user to more easily draw conclusions about what will happen in reality, long before the product have been manufactured. This is an important part of a Lean Engineering process.
The components of simulation are calculation and visualization. By simulating how a product will work before they are manufactured it is possible to increase the product quality and reduce the lead time. The combination gives an enhanced product optimization by predicting product behavior and be able to optimize designs early in the design and engineering process.


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