Fredrik will be gaming at 200km/h

? Fredrik Brolin has grabbed the spot as Shotgun Driver in Viagame?s gaming experiment.
During November, Viagame has been looking for a gamer and a hardware engineer to take part in the fast paced experiment Shotgun Driver at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. Their choice fell on Fredrik Brolin as the Shotgun Driver and Lars Liljegren as the hardware engineer.
On December 6 at Circuit de Catalunya, Fredrik Brolin will strap himself in the passenger seat of a Renault Mégane RS. Sitting next to him in the driver?s seat is Peter Ternström who frequently drives super sport cars on tracks all around the world. Together they?ll race on the track in speeds over 200km/h. The difference is that while Peter?s steering wheel controls the car, Fredrik is controlling an exact replica of the car in the game Shift 2 on a screen in front of him.
Extreme gaming experience
What is the ultimate gaming experience? That question will be answered in the first in a series of experiments undertaken by the gaming site Viagame. In the experiment Fredrik Brolin from Haninge outside of Stockholm, Sweden, will be exposed to the same g-forces and physical strain as a real racing driver. Fredrik managed to beat more than one hundred other applicants for the spot in an audition where he showed his gaming skills in front of a jury,
?My heart was beating like mad when I found out I?d been chosen?, says Fredrik. ?At first I didn?t believe it when they called and told me I had been selected for the job.?
Fredrik is currently in rigorous training ahead of the race in Barcelona. Every day he plays the game at least 3-4 hours to learn every detail of the course and of the car. He?s also received the specs for the real car, enabling him to adjust the settings in the game to match reality.
?We fell for Fredrik?s great energy right away and he performed really well in the game. It?s fantastic to have him on the team and we look forward to seeing him in action at Circuit de Catalunya.? Says Isabelle Ewert at Viagame.
Installing a gaming computer in a racing car
Normally, Lars Liljegren works as a test engineer at Scania where one of his tasks is to install high tech hardware equipment in trucks for testing. Because of this, Lars instantly felt he was the perfect match for the job as hardware engineer in the Shotgun Driver experiment.
?My dream job has always been to be a part of the Mythbusters team, and when I saw the ad for the position as hardware engineer for the Shotgun Driver challenge I thought to myself that this is as close as I?m going to get.? says Lars. ?This project is absolutely crazy but I love it!?
The Shotgun Driver experiment takes place December 6 on Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. The jury who selected the Shotgun Driver and the hardware engineer consisted of Amandine Durey and Isabelle Ewert from Viagame and Lion Martinez from EA.
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