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Documentation, traceability and re-using technology and knowhow are essential for the innovative solutions that are developed in the Oil&Gas industry today. Cad-Q has delivered solutions to the technology vendors for many years, and has noticed an increasing demand from customers on how to maintain position in the market. Solutions that influence technology development, quality and costs are essential in this matter.
Nordic technology is advanced and upholds a strong position in the international market. Our customer?s needs IT solutions to maintain their competitive position. The keyword is digital information flow, states Anders Mellingen, Business Area Manager Cad-Q Norway.
Cad-Q support the customer?s product design and engineering processes by automation and adaptation of CAD solutions based on Autodesk technology, and enabling utilization of data between departments with Sovelia PLM solution. Sovelia is the most easy-to-use and cost-effective software for product information and product lifecycle management (PLM) in the market. It ensures a consistent information flow from design to production and after sales.
Ensuring that product information is flowing consistently between all departments involved in the application of engineering data, represents a huge cost saving potential, Mellingen continues.
In a product development process the users can save considerable time with better workflow and software. In addition, processes can to a high degree be automated, making the data information from previously processes available in a single operation. With engineer-to-order, companies build unique products designed to customer specifications. Unlike standard products, the customer is heavily involved throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. In most cases, aftermarket services continue throughout the life of the product.
We offer each customer a unique solution of varying complexity based on the needs and activities. Together with our customers, we create a whole concept that effectively reduce costs, shorten lead times and develop the business. Often as much as 50 percent of the costs of the configured
product can be reduced, Mellingen reveals.
Competitive advantage
The proper engineering solutions can ensure the quality of internal workflows and digital information, making companies investing here more likely to succeed and uphold current market positions. Cad-Q has long experience and can give suggestions and solutions based upon the challenges companies are faced with on a day to day basis.
Innovation is not enough to keep on top of the game. But with the right supporting systems we hope to see a continuously competitive product development and engineering market in our area, also for
the future, Mellingen concludes.

Cad-Q er Nordens ledende leverand?r av modell- og tegningsrelatert IT. Vi arbeider med implementering av programvare, oppl?ring, support og IT-st?tte av CAD-systemer til bygg, eiendom- og industrisektorene. Cad-Q ble grunnlagt i 1989 og har 230 medarbeidere p? 20-talls kontorer i Norge, Sverige, Danmark og Finland. Cad-Q er en del av Addnode-konsernet som er notert p? O-listen i Sverige.
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