Lean Engineering drives profit margin within engineering and manufacturing

Lean Engineering is a leading tool for staying ahead of the competition. For the benefit of owners, customers and employees, Lean Engineering contributes significant improvements, where many see few options.

Lean Engineering is a concept for increasing operating efficiency in engineering departments, consultancies and manufacturing. These are increasingly challenged by low cost operations in other parts of the world. There are few engineering and manufacturing organizations, if any, where increasing effi ciency is not on the top of the agenda.

More efficient
“To compete with relatively high levels of cost, engineering and manufacturing operations have to be more innovative and efficient. Provided that all employees are dedicated to the task, Lean Engineering can contribute with big improvements”, says Anders Mellingen, business area manager in Cad-Q Norway.
Lean Engineering is about new ways of working, usually in conjunction with computer tools, to facilitate change. The competitive world will never stop developing, therefore Lean Engineering needs to be a continuous process ? although with varying intensity in each company.

A matter of profitability
“Business management is often faced with efficiency demands from the board or owners. Common goals are increased production from existing resources, or strengthened profitability. In either case, in their role as independent external assessors, our consultants undertake a thorough review of the situation. We present specific operational changes that produce immediate effect!” Mellingen explains.
Our industrial reference list includes engineering companies, manufacturing companies and mechanical workshops mainly within the energy and industrial sectors. We have a strong background for supporting Lean Engineering in Northern Europe. Further, we are a Autodesk premier partner in the European market, and supply a number of related IT systems for efficient design, manufacture and operations.

Develop further
“We suggest ways to streamline workflows and propose IT tools that can contribute to increased efficiency. Better ways to use existing tools, safeguarding experiences and knowledge, PLM solutions that provide new market opportunities, and automation of processes are key Cad-Q contributions. Sovelia, our own PLM solution, makes a big difference in the enhancement of information sharing. Many will be surprised about how much process automation can contribute to efficiency and customer experience”, Mellingen concludes.
Cad-Q er Nordens ledende leverand?r av modell- og tegningsrelatert IT. Vi arbeider med implementering av programvare, oppl?ring, support og IT-st?tte av CAD-systemer til bygg, eiendom- og industrisektorene. Cad-Q ble grunnlagt i 1989 og har 250 medarbeidere p? 20-talls kontorer i Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Finland og UK (Symetri). Cad-Q er en del av Addnode-konsernet som er notert p? O-listen i Sverige.
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