Promon announces partnership with Hungarian AAM Management Information Consulting

Security threats imposed by organized criminals against private individuals, enterprises, organisations and governments are increasing dramatically. Trojans (man-in-the-browser, man-in-the-app), key loggers and other spyware are used to steal or modify information. Online services accessed through web-browsers are known to be easy victims for targeted malware, but the biggest risk arising comes from the explosive growth in the use of mobile devices and Apps.
Promon has developed groundbreaking technology for protecting Apps and online services on potentially infected devices against malware attacks from Keyloggers,Spyware and Trojans.
?The partnership with AAM is part of Our global strategy and an important step in making our unique technology available in new markets. We have great expectations for the partnership and strongly believe we can make a difference with AAM in providing more secure use of Apps and online services?, says Jan S?gaard, CEO of Promon AS.
?Promon Shield is a powerful extension to our current services. The customer demand is extremely
high ? as there is no other comparable solution available to protect Apps and online services on infected devices?, says Kornél Lukács, Partner at AAM.
Press contacts:
Jan S?gaard
Tel. +47-90108727
[email protected]
Kornél Lukács
Tel. +36 20 529 5522
[email protected]

About Promon
Traditional antivirus, antispam and antimalware solutions are being outdated by a massive increase in Security treats and cyber-crime. Promon is changing the way companies and individuals protect application and data against security threats. Promons patented method for proactively detecting and
blocking security threats enables protection of applications and data on any potentially unsafe or unprotected device in any location. The company head office is located in Oslo, Norway. More Information about Promon AS is available here:

About AAM
AAM Management Information Consulting presently has approximately 100 consultants and it is one of the largest consulting firms in Hungary and in the region. AAM?s more than 19 years of professional experience and the regional knowledge of the area contribute to AAM?s professional results. AAM Consulting offered consulting services to more than 200 domestic and foreign organizations. AAM Consulting has extensive Professional experiences in the field of IT security consulting and provides wide range of services, including assessments, audits, risk analyses, compliance (PCI DSS,
ISO27001, local regulatory, etc) and remediation. AAM is supporting Clients both on governance (strategies, policies, fraud prevention, COBIT, etc.) and operational level (security awareness, log management,forensics, BCP, Identity management, DLP, secure development lifecycle, etc).
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