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Another smart movie app from Headweb is launched. This time it is time for the popular entertainment service to enter Philips Smart TV sets. The experience is even hotter with the patented Philips Ambilight feature when light-emitting diodes light up behind the TV-screen in colours, depending on what is displayed on screen.
?It?s great to show the latest results of our extensive work towards a better digital video store ? we?ve received great reviews from existing customers already testing the service and App. We clearly see that the market believe this is a great step forward for film and tv-consumption at-home. Presenting a new Smart-TV app adapted to Ambilight is also particularly exciting?, says Peter Alvarsson, CEO and founder of Headweb.
Headweb continues to grow and viewing on mobile platforms and Smart TV has increased dramatically during the year thanks to the team behind Headweb continuously launching the service on new platforms and making it more easy to enjoy movies and tv-series. Headweb is already available on PC and MAC, Android Smartphones, Windows 8, iPad, Smart TV (Samsung and LG), the Boxee Box, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
?I am along with all other Philips TV-users in the Nordics very happy to welcome Headweb. With Headweb?s vast selection of movies and easy to use interface we?re delivering a truly limitless experience?, says Joakim Örnstig, Nordic Marketing Director Philips TV.
Via the smart app in Philips TV users get access to most of Headweb?s selection of over 7.500 movies and popular TV-series.
For more information, please contact:
Peter Alvarsson, CEO Headweb
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +46707-57 57 27
About Headweb
Founded in 2006, Headweb allows people in the Nordic countries to discover and watch thousands of movies and TV-series episodes. Headweb is an easy to use award-winning on demand service with more than 7000 movies in the ever growing title catalogue. Content partners ranges from large Hollywood Studios to local Studios and smaller producers and directors. Headweb is available on PC, Mac, Win8, iPad, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV and Boxee Box. Visit for more information.


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